How to use the Farms?

What is yield farming?

Yield Farming allows users to earn SMAK while supporting Smartlink by staking LP Tokens.
Yield farming can drive more rewards than regular Staking, but it comes with a risk of Impermanent Loss. Please do your due diligence before investing and check out this article about impermanent loss.
You’re going to need some "LP Tokens" to enter a Farm on Smartlink.
Farms can only accept their own LP Token; for example, the SMAK-XTZ Farm will only accept SMAK-XTZ LP Tokens.
To get your LP Tokens, you'll need to provide liquidity for that trading pair on Vortex.
Step by step, here's how it goes:
  • Enter the 2 tokens you would like to add to the liquidity pool as a pair.
  • When you are done, click the button Add Liquidity.
  • You receive LP tokens in return that represent the pair you added to the liquidity pool.
LP tokens will be used to farm or to claim your share of the pool.

How to stake your LP tokens and start farming

Once you added liquidity to any of the available trading pairs ($SMAK/XTZ, USDtz/XTZ) etc.) you'll be able to stake your LP tokens in one the available farms.

1- Go to the relevant farm and stake your LP tokens

2- Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake, and hit "Confirm"
3- Congrats, you're in! 🎉 You are now earning rewards!

Track earned rewards, LP tokens, and Farms TVL

Withdraw/Unstake your LP Tokens

You can withdraw your LP tokens at any time without a fee or lock-up period.
1- Just hit the "-" button on the right hand
2- A pop-up shows up, enter the amount of LP tokens you want to withdraw
3- Hit "Confirm", you're done!

Harvest your rewards

Once you staked your LP tokens in a farm, rewards are only available at the end of each week.
1- "Harvest" Button will be greyed out until the current period ends
2- When a period ends, you'll be able to Harvest your rewards and the button will turn Purple.
3- Hit Harvest and collect your rewards 🎉