🛠 LP & FARMS Contracts ⚙️

List of contract :

  1. 1.
    XTZ/SMAK: KT1AyGknkpTLsPNorHDj61wKvXWw5YB92VDS
  2. 2.
    XTZ/ANTI: KT1Cxcn6wE2E27b6SXYMPEX6n2P7SRPkbHCw
  3. 3.
    XTZ/ETHtz: KT1MC5gLrcq2Yk7Jb3VaQ99YRTqCWJg1q61X
  4. 4.
    XTZ/BTCtz: KT1Bfp57nZyr8e7U3wWoDHyh3FuKeodbK3hj
  5. 5.
    XTZ/Crunch: KT1HVFT8L88QbhNCHQcJiiuPAhYD7QHxuE88
  6. 6.
    XTZ/QUIPU: KT1RfbN6LjDbsiCdfGjiJFX9GRr8o6sBr8f5
  7. 7.
    XTZ/kUSD: KT1UZRJxu56exC6VjYqBgpJ6SNMtNiRquNcj
  8. 8.
    XTZ/Ctez: KT1PaL3JvPg4WviZ28KZcb2GhPknTsr9yYaP
  9. 9.
    XTZ/You Gov: KT1VeEDpmS3E8wpWEFi6XWHqgAuKCnXXszjf
  10. 10.
    XTZ/YouDEFI: KT1NCtNzWZPjDGeDE1dWZ2qfsGmhxVaFog8n
  11. 11.
    XTZ/Uusd: KT1CT65SeZMxnB7NogyPhCpjQur4k8XhZppd

Interact with any Farm

ℹ️ For the moment, if you want to interact with any Farm and perform operations on it you can follow the steps below:
🔹 Get the respective Farm contract address (ex. XTZ-SMAK with KT1AyGknkpTLsPNorHDj61wKvXWw5YB92VDS)
🔹 Go to Better Call Dev (https://better-call.dev/) website and search for the Farm contract (ex: https://better-call.dev/mainnet/KT1AyGknkpTLsPNorHDj61wKvXWw5YB92VDS/operations)
🔹 Go to Interact —> And there you have multiple calls: Claim_All, Stake, Unstake (the actions to be performed on the contract directly with your wallet)
If you have issues with the steps, you can also check "How to remove LP tokens?"

How to remove LP tokens?

ℹ️ How to Remove / Reuse your Liquidity in Farms
First, you need to UNSTAKE the Liquidity from the Farms then go to TRACK tab and Remove Positions from there (only if you want to split back into initial tokens). If the Liquidity is staked into an OLD farm, you need to scroll down in Farms section and check for the ones with Ended as tag.
❗️If you want to REUSE the VLP tokens, you can stake them into the NEW farms (the ones with New/Hot as tag).