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Merchant transaction Status

Understanding the Escrow Transaction Process: A Merchant's Perspective
As a Merchant, you want to ensure your efforts and services get the value they deserve. The Smartlink Escrow system, acting as a neutral third party, ensures that every transaction is conducted securely, with the interests of both parties at the forefront.
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Let’s delve into the transaction stages, focusing on the benefits for you as a Merchant.
What it means: The buyer has shown interest in your product or service and has initiated the payment via cryptocurrency.
Benefit: You get a notification of intent, ensuring you that the funds are secured in escrow, creating a layer of financial security for your sale.
What it means: With the payment secured, you can confidently proceed with dispatching the product or providing the service. The transaction is in its delivery phase.
Benefit: This phase assures you that the buyer has committed, allowing you to fulfill your end without hesitation.
What it means: The buyer has received the delivery and is in the phase of reviewing it.
Benefit: Provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate the quality and accuracy of your product/service, potentially leading to positive reviews and repeat business.
What it means: The buyer requests additional time to evaluate the product/service.
Benefit: It ensures the buyer thoroughly vets the product/service, which can result in better satisfaction rates.
What it means: The buyer is satisfied with the purchase, signaling the successful conclusion of the transaction.
Benefit: The secured funds are released to you. A completed status signifies not only a successful sale but also a satisfied customer – a win-win!
What it means: The transaction has been terminated either by the buyer or by you.
Benefit: If there are insurmountable issues or mutual disagreement, this offers a clear termination point without lingering uncertainties.
What it means: A middle-ground solution is sought if there's a minor disagreement or discrepancy.
Benefit: This mechanism provides an opportunity for amicable resolution, often preserving the merchant-customer relationship.
What it means: Both you and the buyer have reached a consensus, concluding the transaction on mutual terms.
Benefit: Ensures you're part of the resolution process, safeguarding your interests.
What it means: In case of a major dispute, the funds are transferred to an Arbitrator.
Benefit: A neutral third party assesses the situation, ensuring fairness and adherence to agreed-upon terms.
Leveraging Smartlink’s Escrow system, you, as a Merchant, are fortified with multiple layers of security, clarity, and transparency. Elevate your business's reputation and foster lasting customer relationships with every seamless transaction!