Single Payment Button & Link

Smartlink Crypto Payment Button: Bridging the Digital Divide

In a world that's becoming increasingly digital, the versatility of payment systems becomes paramount. Welcome the Smartlink Payment Button – a harmonious blend of simplicity, security, and seamlessness, enabling crypto payments almost anywhere online.

How It Works

1. Create & Customize: Begin by logging into your Smartlink account. Create your Merchant account (available for individuals as well ;-) and your Point-of-Sale. Navigate to the "Payment Gateway" section and select the "Payment Button" tab. Choose your desired crypto options, set a fixed amount, and customize the button's look to match your brand.

2. Embed: With a simple click, generate a unique code, link or QR Code for your payment button. This code/link/QR Code can then be embedded on your website, forum, blog, or any other platform.

3. Receive Payments: Once the button is live, users can click on it, choose their preferred cryptocurrency, and make payments which are directed to your associated crypto wallet.

- Versatility: Implement it on various platforms like websites, forums, and even online classified platforms such as Craiglist, Jiji, Kijiji or Leboncoin.

- Zero Technical Expertise: No need for any advanced coding knowledge. Copy, paste, and voilà, you're ready to accept crypto.

- Global Reach: Access a broad audience by accepting payments from anywhere in the world.

- No Hidden Fees: Enjoy a transparent fee structure without the hassles of hidden costs.

- Highly Secure: Backed by Smartlink's advanced security features ensuring safe and trustless transactions.

Got a strong social media presence? Or perhaps, coding isn't your forte? No worries. With Smartlink’s Payment Links, you can easily share a link across platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more, allowing your audience or friends to send crypto payments effortlessly.

1. Freelancer's Delight: Lucy, a freelance graphic designer, integrates the Smartlink Payment Button on her portfolio site. Clients worldwide can now effortlessly compensate her in cryptocurrency for her services.

2. Blogger's Choice: Aaron runs a popular tech blog. He recently published an eBook on "Future Tech Trends". With the Payment Button, his readers can now purchase the eBook using crypto assets.

3. Charity with a Heart: A non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation uses Smartlink’s Payment Button for donations. Supporters from across the globe can contribute to the cause using their preferred cryptocurrency.

4. YouTube Influencer: Raj, a tech reviewer on YouTube, uses the Payment Link in his video descriptions. Fans can now support him by sending crypto donations through the link, ensuring he continues producing quality content.

5. Local Listings: Marie lists her handcrafted jewelry on Leboncoin. By providing a Payment Link in her product descriptions, she has opened her business to a broader market, allowing crypto enthusiasts to acquire her unique pieces.

In today's digital era, adaptability is key. Smartlink's Payment Button and Links offer the flexibility and ease that modern businesses and individuals seek. Whether you're selling products, services, or just looking to facilitate effortless crypto transactions, our tools are designed to ensure you're always ahead of the curve. Dive into the future of payments with Smartlink.

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