Start Transaction (XTZ)

To start a transaction with a Tezos (XTZ), no need to allow the Escrow smart contract to spend a certain amount. The user just needs to send the total (price+fees) with the transaction.

In this example we have an ad with the following information :

  • Marketplace id : marketplaceId1

  • Ad id : adId2

  • Price of the ad (excluding fees) : 1 XTZ

  • Seller's address : tz1LfdftiaLDS1HePbuVFYVD3WZe3BFtA2qz

  • Token address : tz1WrCgHWFM7EdGXnzodjZS4htFb2ND8zso7

For XTZ transaction you need to specify this address : tz1WrCgHWFM7EdGXnzodjZS4htFb2ND8zso7

Nothing is sent/received on this address, it's only used internally by the contract to identify an XTZ transaction.

This address is not whitelisted by default, so you need to whitelist this address to authorize XTZ transactions.

The fee for this token is 1%, the user must send the total amount (price + fees) : 1,01 XTZ

//New transaction
await (await escrow.methodsObject.startTransaction({

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