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Profile Management

  • Edit Profile: Keep your personal details up-to-date with minimal information required to uniquely identify your account.
  • Activate 2FA Google: Safeguard your account by enabling two-factor authentication. This adds an additional layer of security, ensuring that only you have access to your Smartlink account.
  • Complete KYC/KYB (Trusted by Sumsub): Boost the credibility of your account and activate Merchant functionalities by completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) or Know Your Business (KYB) procedures.
  • Configure Email Notifications: Stay informed without being overwhelmed. Customize and receive email summaries about essential activities and updates related to your Smartlink account.
  • Manage Your Referral Link: Promote Smartlink and benefit from its referral program. Share your link, track referrals, and earn rewards.