Referral Affiliation program

Smartlink Affiliation Program: Partner with Us and Prosper!

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, collaboration drives innovation. At Smartlink, we value and appreciate the power of collective growth. That's why we're introducing the Smartlink Affiliation Program — an initiative designed to reward you for helping us broaden our reach and foster stronger connections within the crypto community.

How It Works

1. Sign Up & Set Up: Begin by creating your Smartlink account. Add your wallet addresses to receive rewards. Once registered, navigate to the Affiliation Program section to obtain your unique affiliate referral link.

2. Spread the Word: Share your referral link across your network, whether that's on your website, social media, forums, emails, or any other channels you use.

3. Earn from Every Transaction: When someone registers through your referral link and starts transacting, you earn! Receive a lifetime commission of 25% on the Smartlink transaction fee from every transaction your referred partners initiate.

Key Features of Our Affiliation Program

- Lifetime Earnings: Unlike one-time referral bonuses, with Smartlink, you'll enjoy continuous earning potential. As long as your referred partners transact, you earn!

- Guaranteed Trust with Smart Contracts: Your referrals are locked and secured with smart-contracts. This ensures transparent, tamper-proof, and automated affiliate rewards. Your earnings are guaranteed, and the integrity of the system is maintained.

- Generous Commission: A whopping 25% of the Smartlink transaction fee is your reward for each referred partner. Few affiliation programs offer such a significant percentage.

- No Conflict Referrals: To ensure transparency and fairness, bonuses won't be given for referring your own projects. We believe in building genuine, widespread partnerships.

Smartlink is at the forefront of revolutionizing the crypto payment gateway landscape. By affiliating with us, you:

- Join a Growing Ecosystem: Smartlink is rapidly expanding, bringing innovative payment solutions to merchants globally.

- Empower the Community: By bridging the gap between merchants and Smartlink, you help in democratizing access to secure, trustless, and seamless crypto transactions.

- Benefit Financially: With every referral, you unlock a steady stream of passive income, capitalizing on the burgeoning crypto payment sector.

Ready to Amplify Your Earnings?

Whether you're an influencer, blogger, crypto enthusiast, digital agency or someone with a vast network — our Affiliation Program is tailor-made for you. Share, refer, and earn! The future of crypto transactions is here with Smartlink, and you can be a significant part of it.

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Harness the potential of your network, share the benefits of Smartlink, and enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership. Together, we can redefine the contours of online transactions in the crypto age!

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