Stake SMAK
‘Stake your SMAK’ option allows you to stake your $SMAK tokens. You can toggle between ‘Flexible’ and ‘Locked’ staking mode.
You can notice a ‘Flexible’ lock-up period when choosing the Flexible staking mode. In case of locked-up staking, the staking period automatically changes to ‘90 day lock-up.’
These APYs will change in the future and will move up or down as per the total amount staked on the platform.
Click on ‘Stake Now’ and a pop-up will appear with details, including stake date, value date, interest period, APY, and estimated interest for the staking period. In case of locked-up staking, the APY will be fixed at 70%.
Stake SA
Once you click confirm, you'll be prompted with a wallet confirmation, hit confirm, and your $SMAK tokens will be staked.
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