View an order

  • Url: /order/{id}

Allows the user to view an order and carry out actions depending on the order state such as validate the exchange. The information about the order is retrieved from the exchanges map of the smart contract. An order can have three status:

  • Shipped

  • Awaiting acceptance

  • Finished

User interaction
User interaction

The user can view the selected order.

Depending on the order status, he can carry out the following actions:

  • validate: if the order is awaiting validation, the user can validate the exchange. By selection validate the app will connect with his Temple wallet allowing him to perform the validation.

Smart contract interaction
Smart contract interaction

Read operations

Retrieves the key exchange information from the exchange map:

  • seller address

  • status

  • last update date

  • amount locked in escrow

  • fees (commission + slashing rate)

Entry point calls

If the state of the exchange is WAITING_FOR_VALIDATION and the user selects validate then the entry point validateExchange is called with the following parameters:

  • id of the order