Yield (APR)

Why do the APRs change frequently?

Liquidity farms are essentially smart contracts with specific daily rewards for individual LP tokens.
Smartlink has created a specific model for its capped token supply. SMAK are not minted every block.
The APR changes with every transaction, with deposits leading into a reduction of APR and withdrawals resulting in a boost of the respective APRs.
It is normal for these rates to fluctuate and the Smartlink team has no control over these changing APRs.

What happens when you stake your LP tokens

When you stake your LP tokens in one of the VORTEX Farms, you get two types of rewards:
  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity
  • Farming rewards APR earned when staking LP Tokens in a Farm
When you add liquidity to Vortex, you earn LP rewards for every swap processed on the platform.
Moreover, you also earn rewards through yield farming when you stake your liquidity (LP tokens) in a farm.
The fee details can be found here.