Technical Paper

Farms & Fixed Token Supply

There are unique constraints for this architecture as described below:
  • All farms have a fixed number of periods to distribute tokens while they are active
  • The reward token cannot be minted, therefore the reward supply must be provided at the origination
  • We want to be able to increase the reward supply during a farm’s life
  • We want a decreasing ratio of rewards for every period calculated from a fixed percentage rate
  • Users can stake or unstake any number of liquidity pool tokens at any time
  • A user can take all his rewards from all the elapsed periods, except the current period In this paper we propose to take one period = one week. Note that this solution only works for a small number of periods, since we will repeat this number of periods, typically under 100. For instance, a farm distributing rewards for 2 months would correspond to 9 periods.
The full technical details are available in our paper 👇
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