You can see useful information in your Lottery Dashboard
  • "SMAK spent" is the total amount of SMAK you spent to purchase tickets for the ongoing round.
  • "Chance of winning" represents your chance to win as a percentage during an ongoing round.
  • "Tickets per round" is the number of maximum tickets allowed in a round
  • "My tickets" is the number of tickets you purchased for this round
  • "Total lotttery rounds" is the total number of lottery rounds run on the platform since Day 1.
  • "Total lottery gains" is the total amount of SMAK won by the players since Day1.
  • "Total SMAK burned" is the total amount of SMAK fees burned since Day1.
Our Lottery Overview Shows you the total number of participants per round VS the average spent per player who used the platform.
The above module shows the Total prize won in the last round as well as the last winning number.
And last but not least, you can see the history of all winning numbers with their associated addresses.
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