View an offer

View an offer

  • Url: /offer/{id}

Allows the user to view an offer. At this point, none of the marketplace item data is stored in exchanges map of the smart contract.

User interaction
User interaction

The user can either remove the selected offer or start an escrow transaction.

If the user selects Remove, he will be redirected to /offers‚Äč

If the user selects Begin escrow, the app will connect with his Temple wallet allowing him to lock the needed amount in escrow.

Smart contract interaction
Smart contract interaction

Read operations

Retrieves the commission percentage from the exchange_types map in order to compute the fees displayed.

Entry point calls

If the user selects Begin escrow, the entry point addNewExchange is called with the following parameters:

  • the buyer address retrieved from his Temple wallet

  • the name of the offer

  • the id of the offer

  • the price of the offer

  • the seller address