• Url: /orders

The tracking page allows users to track accepted offers and purchased items. The information about the items is retrieved from the exchanges map of the smart contract.

An order can have three status:

  • Shipped: The buyer is waiting for the item to be delivered

  • Delivered: The item was delivered to the buyer, the order is pending acceptance

  • Finished: The delivery was accepted, the transaction has successfully ended

User interaction
User interaction

The user can view all his orders: ongoing or past.

If the user selects view order, he is redirected to /order/{id}‚Äč

Smart contract interaction
Smart contract interaction

Read operations

Retrieves the key exchange information from the exchange map:

  • seller address

  • state

  • last update date

  • amount locked in escrow

  • fees (commission + slashing rate)

  • shipping price

Entry point calls

There are no entry point interactions.